Party menu 1

Requires a minimum of 10 people.
Antipasto Misto

Ravioli Burro e salve

Beef Tenderloin – with porcini and truffle sauce

Mixed dessert

DKK 399.-

Menu of the month

Menu 1:

– with tomatoes. Basil

Veal fillet
– with mushrooms – creamy sauce

Dessert of the day

DKK 249.-

Menu 2

Bruschetta al pomodoro

Salmon carpaccio
– with lemon – rocket lettuce

Beef tenderloin
– with rosemary sauce

Dessert of the day

DDK 299.-

New Year’s Eve menu

Welcome drink – Proseco

1. Antipasto Misto Italiano

2. Fresh pasta with giant prawns and zucchini

3. Beef tenderloin with truffles and porcini

4. Dessert of the house

DKK 559.-

We are looking forward to seeing you.